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The Lodge is located at:


6589 Hwy 85

Riverdale, Ga. 30296

Just South of Atlanta

Regular Meetings--2nd & 4th Thursdays----Jan thru Oct---2nd Thursday only Nov; Dec at 7:30 PM///EA and Masters Degrees usually called on a Saturday at 6:00 PM

Our Motto:

"Together we can do anything."

Members, Brethren, and Visitors all.

We the officers and brethren of Riverdale Lodge #709 gratefully acknowledge your visit to our web site and hope that you visit here often. Take a look at our calendar of events on page 2 to see what we have on the agenda for the month. We wish for you peace, love, and happiness throughout your life and the joy that can only be realized by the contented mind.

Meet the officers of our lodge for 2023.

Worshipful Master

Steve Diaz

Senior Warden

WB Paul Schuler

Junior Warden

WB Ken Ray


WB Bill Edwards


WB Paul Buckner


Carlton Ethridge

Senior Deacon

Bro Steve Pyle (not shown)

Junior Deacon

WB Bill Carnes

Senior Steward

None Appointed

Junior Steward

None Appointed


Bro. Bill Underdown

The Masonic Poem

I would rather see a Mason, than hear one any day,

I would rather one would walk with me, than merely show me the way.

The eye is a better pupil and more willing than the ear,

Fine council is confusing, but examples are more clear.

And the best of all Masons, are the men who live their creeds,

For to see the good in action, is what everybody needs.

I can soon learn how to do it if you will let me see it done,

I can watch your hands in action, but your tounge too fast may run.

And the lectures that you deliver may be wise and true,

But I'd rather get my lesson by watching what you do.

For I may misunderstand you, and the high advise you give,

But there's no misunderstanding, how you act and how you live.


by MW Thomas R Dougherty P.G.M., New Jersey

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